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Why First Impression Valet Parking?

Orlando Valet CompanyFirst Impression Valet Parking provides parking services in the Tampa/St. Pete, Orlando and Miami areas.

If you're looking for a unique Valet Parking Service look no further!

Your business or event and it’s guests deserve the same level of focused customer service that you demand from your own staff inside your business. If you are not getting that from your valet service it is time for a change! We realize our staff will be your guests first and last impression. To our staff EVERY guest coming to your event or to your business is a VIP and they will all get VIP service.

First Impression Valet staff members are thoroughly trained in safety procedures for handling your guest's cars and extensively trained in customer service techniques.

Our experienced management team can present you with a plan for your business or event to handle any challenges and we provide all the equipment needed.

We can service any event:

Private Parties
High Profile Corporate Events
Charity Events / Fund raisers
Grand Openings
Open Houses

We can service any business

Hotels / Resorts
Retail Malls
Night Clubs
Private Residences
Office Buildings
Country Clubs / Golf Clubs
Arts and Music Centers

The First Impression Valet Difference:

Valet Parking CompanyThe difference between First Impression Valet Parking and most other valet parking companies is twofold.

First is our approach.
Most of our competitors consider the main function of a valet parking company is parking cars. They could not be more wrong.

Valet Parking is about people and their experience arriving and departing from your event or establishment.

Our staff is not the typical valet parking crew. First Impression does not place poorly groomed and socially challenged attendants out in front of your business who pay little attention to what is happening around them. Our staff is heavily trained on aggressive customer service techniques to make all your guests feel like they are getting VIP treatment.

We don't just want to be "a service". We want our staff to be a key part of your event's or establishment's success by providing your guests with a high end, unique, friendly and professional experience.

Orlando Valet Parking CompanySecondly is our presentation.
How much money and effort have you put into building a sharp and inviting atmosphere for your event or business? Why would you not expect your valet parking company to match that same professional appearance outside your business or event? To many valet parking companies use beat up signage, construction cones and worn out key boxes that do not represent the look of that business.

First Impression Valet will only use well kept, professional looking equipment and uniforms which represent the same level of quality you have built inside your establishment.

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Customer Service

Business owners constantly train their own staff to actively engage guests and provide proactive service. Why is the same not demanded from the valet service providers which are the first people guests interact with? The common scene of guests arriving at a business to find a valet staff sitting behind a booth flipping through their phones and waiting for guests to approach them are over the day you hire First Impression Valet! The main focus of valet parking should be guest service first and parking cars second. The First Impression's staff are trained to actively greet and engage your guests to make sure they are thoroughly impressed with the service offering at your business or event from their very first arrival to departure. Our staff will deliver the same level of service to your guests that you demand your staff provide inside of your business or event because that is the way it should be!


The First Impression Valet staff are the most outgoing, active, friendly and service oriented people we can find. Each attendant has to have a naturally friendly, service oriented personality and true enjoyment of interacting with people. Attendants agree to screening for for criminal records, drug use and driving safety to make sure the people we entrust your guests vehicles with are responsible and respectful individuals.


First Impression Valet carries liability insurance coverage to protect our clients and ourselves. As a client you are insured under our policy for all valet related activities at your business, event and property.

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